Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

I have attended two sessions of Equine Psychotherapy with Samantha Naidu and her herd of 6 horses. Prior to each session, I was given an overview about what to expect from the session, as well as an explanation of some of the techniques that Samantha would be using throughout the session. This was important to me, because as a person who doesn’t have any real experience with horses ( I am not a rider), I was a little nervous about being around such large animals. The prep was all the information I needed to feel safe. It turned out that I could not have been safer, anyhow. I felt greeted and accepted by every horse in the herd, even though I only worked with a beautiful palomino called Goldie. And work we did! I found that I was able to connect with my psyche in a whole new way, courtesy of Goldie’s magnificent energy. In fact, I emerged from both sessions with a level of clarity that I have not experienced with traditional forms of therapy. There was a gentleness, power and unquestioning acceptance emanating from my horse that made me feel safe when exploring some quite complex emotions.
Excellent and thorough debrief after, as well. Thank you, Samantha and your herd, for a most meaningful (and practical) therapy session. I won’t hesitate to come back. Thanks for the caring follow-up, as well.

Jane Cameron, Windsor, Victoria

Meeting the Healing Herd with Sam is a very special happening. They are very willing to relate to people. They are very unguarded horses, really ready to show who they are and to reflect to me who I am.
I was met by Maddie, a very beautiful, white pony with an enormous presence. I felt honoured and humbled to be met like that. I felt she really wanted to show me who she is and also that she had a plan for me. Her eyes are so bright and very full of radiant energy. She is so alert. Maddie took me to meet everyone else. I felt all the horses know they have gifts and teachings to offer to humans and they are ennobled by that – it was such a privilege to be with them, to be invited into their herd-space of peace. I felt nurtured, received, seen and accepted.

Amanda Savill, Ocean Shores, NSW

Equine Facilitated Growth and Healing

I feel so good after being with the herd. It is healing. They are so sensitive and so with you. They give their all. They just seem to know who to target, who needs their energy. They always come to greet you. They are so gentle and aware. You feel so safe with them. They give unconditional love. They stay with you as long as you need them. You receive so much love from this herd. You can’t feel down when you are around them.
Maddie came into our meditation circle of her own volition and stood stock still for half an hour or more while we meditated. Her energy was palpable As well as the affection they give you, there are their antics. They are so playful. What a great lesson they give to us as humans.
Ash came and put his head in my arms while I was meditating. They are all so trustworthy and respectful. I would never have thought that I could sit in the middle of a paddock with my eyes closed and feel safe with 5 horses around me.
Goldie is pure love. You see the bliss on her face as you touch her. Lucius gives you cuddles; he puts his head over your shoulder and pulls you towards him, heart to heart, and holds you there. It brings tears of joy to my eyes.
Everyone should experience being with these healing animals. They have so much to teach us. They seem to read us and reflect what we are feeling. You go away so much lighter, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I am so grateful to have spent such precious time with them.

Sue Robinson, Trentham, Victoria

I have been fortunate enough to have several healing sessions with Sam’s wonderful herd.  My absolute favourite would have to be Lucius – he gives the best hugs & kisses.  He reminds me of an overgrown Labrador & always brings a smile to my face & my heart.  During my sessions, I have experienced chakra clearings (where the horses intuitively know which chakra to blow into or rest their head on), a state of pure bliss & a deep peacefulness that lingers long after the sessions have finished. I could feel my anxiety levels drop & my fear dissipate just by being in these horses’ presence. I am in awe of the magic that these magnificent horses weave in their gentle, loving way. Looking forward to my next session with excitement & joy.

Letitia Donnelly, Mt Franklin, Victoria

It is hard to put words to the experience I had with Sam and her healing herd via Skype!  So unexpected to connect so deeply with horses through such a meduim, but Sam was so skilled at being a bridge between our hearts.  Horse hearts and human hearts were able to link together in a powerful way and a very eternal imprint was made. The connection was palpable and the deep presence that both Sam and her herd offered me was such deep and lasting nourishment.  One of the horses allowed me to really feel and explore a true inner magnetism that I am learning to embody. This horse in particular was very linked to me and I to her and it was palpable…another was so demonstrative that I felt I was being embraced through the screen.  It was healing, revelatory and revolutionary and I am so grateful that Sam created such profound and inspiring healing for my heart with her herd in this unique way. I bow with gratitude to them all.

Sabina Cox, Gilroy, California

Horsewisdom for Schools

I brought my 14 year old daughter to see Sam and the horses with the focus being on increasing her confidence. She has an intellectual disability and sometimes has issues with managing how she expresses her feelings. She can also be very shy. The horses brought her out of her shell and before long she was having a great time playing with them and practicing her emotional intelligence skills. Thank you to Sam and the horses, especially Maddie and Rocky who my daughter really connected with.

Joanne Lang, Ballarat, Victoria