At Horsewisdom we have a herd of 6 beautiful and empowered horses.
While all our horses are safe to be around, a horse – by nature – can be unpredictable. Horses have finely-tuned instincts and are amazingly aware of their surroundings. This awareness is the ‘wisdom’ with which they can teach and heal.

For millennia, horses and humans have had a profound physical and emotional connection: They have carried men and women into battle and carried the same men and women – wounded – to safety. They have pulled our ploughs, drawn our carriages, herded our flocks – ‘suffered & serviced’ us. From freezing steppes in Mongolia, luxurious studs in Kentucky & Ireland, arid ‘Outback Australia’ – Arabian, Thoroughbred, Draught Horse, Quarter Horse, Mixed Breed, Brumby – From ‘Big Jake’ – a 20 hand Clydsdale to an 8 Hand Falabella. Bay, Chesnut, Black, Spotted – fat or thin, pampered or neglected – they have worked, raced, jumped, danced, delighted and inspired us with their courage, nobility, strength, endurance, patience & beauty for thousands of years. The horse is so deeply entwined in our mythology – in our ‘collective unconsciousness ‘– a combination of compliance and the primitive – the Perfect Archetype and balance of power, patience & freedom.

Horses live in the ‘Now’. It’s fascinating & delightful to watch them react so quickly to something and it is equally remarkable to see them relax and return to graze. As herd animals they have evolved to live in social groups with hierarchies similar to all other highly evolved social animals just like us.
As current science now agrees, mammals have 3 brains. These brains reside in the head, the heart and the gut. Horses ‘head’ brains are smaller than humans, but their heart and gut brains are much bigger. This may be one of the reasons they seem to have so much ‘gut instinct’ as well as huge heart fields. (Trish Boersma, Healing with Horse Tele-summit, 2016 for more information visit www.healingwithhorse.org)

At Horsewisdom we acknowledge, embrace and harness all that ‘Master Teacher –The Horse’ has to offer – Awareness, Instinct, Compassion and Fun.

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