The Horse WisdomTM program was developed by Meg Kirby of the Equine Psychotherapy Institute. We currently run this program for local primary schools and are considering expanding the program for secondary school students.

The Horse WisdomTM program is a social and emotional ‘skills-learning’ program consisting of 6 sessions which can be offered to individuals or groups of up to 4. It is designed to assist young people to learn about and explore topics with horses and learn how to incorporate these learnings into their life and into the classroom.

Areas explored through this program include: self-awareness, setting boundaries, the ability to manage feeling-as- information, viewing emotional sensitivity as a strength, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively within human relationships. These skills come through a combination of close interaction with the horses in both ground & ‘lead-line’ sessions, touching & grooming the horses, always with the constant presence of the EAP therapist.