This is a place for me to share my insights and musings, and also a place where I can update you on any changes to the services.

One important update is that I will be closing over winter 1st June – 1st September 2017 for all new referrals. I will continue to see current clients. This is due to the inclement weather in the Central Highlands during winter. I will look at getting an all weather facility in the future if I decide I am going to stay where I am. There is a possibility I will be relocating with the herd to greener pastures, but that is yet to be seen!

Another update is that our beautiful unicorn pony Maddie left us last year aged 19… I stood with her under a full moon during August, known as the Lion’s Gate, as she made her way ‘home’…If you did not get to met her in person, she is the white pony you see in many of the photos. Maddie, you helped so many people, particularly children, you were such a bright star… I miss you so much my beautiful girl…

Our current herd consists of 4 horses and a pony. Lucius, our affectionate and loving chestnut thoroughbred; Ash, our stately and wise black standard bred; Goldi, our beautiful palomino quarter horse; Rocky our darling, shy appaloosa; and Beauty, our clever and cheeky miniature Shetland.

Each horse has a special place in the herd, and it is fascinating to watch how their unique skills play out as they step forward to assist and guide the people they interact with.

I feel so privileged to work from home after a long career working in organisations, and I am in a kind of heaven getting to spend so much time with my herd. For the last 12 months I have been immersing myself in their world.  After a lifetime with horses I am still learning more every day. In fact these last few years has brought me more awareness and a deeper understanding of horses than I have ever had.

I have received some lovely feedback from participants who have suggested I share some of my knowledge about horses with a wider audience.  I was humbled and surprised to hear this, as I see my knowledge as pretty straightforward, but I realise it has come from a lifetime with horses and we each have something unique to share.

The basics of what I have learnt to this point in my journey will the subject of future blogs. Beginning with what I see to be the most important aspects of horse care.

Please feel free to comment, to ask questions, and to make suggestions for future blogs!

Sam and herd.